Friday, December 2, 2011

Natural Disaster = No Blogging for a bit.

Hey guys

Well, my internet just came back up after its been down since Wednesday night. Why? A freak wind storm hit Southern California and took out trees and power poles... trees ended up in the street, on houses, on cars...everywhere! The city I live in declared a state of emergency first thing Thursday morning due to all the damage and power outages. We had near hurricane force winds and let me tell you, So-cal is not meant to get crazy wind. Earthquakes I can handle but freak wind? Not so much!

Below there will be some pictures of the damage to my house but basically, a huge 9' by 12' window in my house shattered due to the wind and no one could come board it up until morning so my family and I were up all night making sure the wind wasn't going to cause more damage to my house due to the gaping hole that was left. Well, about half way through the night (around 4 or so am), the power to the front of my house went out due to a street light falling over on to a power pole. Its been 3 days and its still dangling there.... Yeah, that can't be safe.

So at the moment, my room has power and one other room in my house has power but the others don't. We have extension cords running from the back of the house to the fridge, freezer, microwave and oven so we can eat. We also have one tiny desk lamp illuminating the kitchen and family room. I'm just grateful I have power at all.

This is what my window looked light at dawn, I had to go outside to survey the damage. RIP Front window and curtains. Those (albeit ugly) curtains have been around since I was a baby...

Took this one a little while after it shattered... this is inside the living room where the window is.

Just to put it in perspective, here's what it looks like boarded up. Yes, the window was really that big.

...and here's what's left of the window.

Here's the street light dangling on the power pole. Its still like that and that's why I'm out of power in half my house. This is a common scene all around my area and the surrounding cities. I saw one power pole snapped in half and the only thing keeping it from lying in the middle of the street was the cables.... scary!

And to finish off, a picture of my backyard table and umbrella in the pool. This made me laugh hysterically when I saw it and watching my dad fish it out proved to be great entertainment.

So... I probably won't be blogging for a little bit. Lots of cleaning up to do and tomorrow I'm taking a break from the madness to go to Disneyland, just because the last few days at home have been hell and I need to get out. Hopefully everything will be back to normal and I'll be back up and running soon! Also, I gotta conserve laptop power because all the working outlets are powering important things like that box that keeps the food from spoiling.... yeah...

Anyways, thanks for reading, until next time (which will hopefully be soon)!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I hope everything is okay! Stay safe!