Sunday, December 18, 2011

OPI Nicki Minaj Collection Swatches! + Comparisons!

My nail supply place had the Nicki Minaj collection in stock and of course I had to pick them up. I got everything except for Super Bass (Shatter). I don't really forsee myself wearing it so I didn't pick it up so without further delay on to the pictures!

Pink Friday. 2 coats. Pink creme. I really like this although I don't think I'll be wearing it too often... at least not on my fingers. Formula was fantastic and very smooth! Love it!

Did It On 'Em. 3 coats. Yellow/green creme. I really like this and when I first saw the promos, I thought it looked a lot like Who the Shrek Are You? from the Shrek Collection. I did a comparison below for you guys but basically, its what happens if you mix Who the Shrek are You and Fiercely Fiona. Again, formula on this was beautiful and smooth. I really like this color!

Fly. 2 coats. Turquoise blue creme. This looks really different in person than the promo pictures. It is a really beautiful blue with heavy turquoise undertones. Again, this formula was perfect!! Also from the promo pictures I thought this looked a lot like Ogre the Top Blue from Shrek collection... also have comparisons below!

Save Me. 3 coats on index and middle finger and 2 coats over SH Silver Sweep on Ring and pinky. Silver micro glitter loaded with holographic bar glitter. I'm not really in love with this hairy type of nail polish but I really love this!! This is so unique. I definitely don't think I've seen anything like this before. Formula was a little strange having to deal with the hairy glitter, but it works out pretty well. I think this is definitely better layered.

Metallic 4 Life. 3 coats. Black base loaded with different sized metallic silver glitter. This is the color I was most excited for in this collection and it didn't disappoint! Its so beautiful and it satisfies the emo kid inside of me. Formula was a little bit thick in my bottle, but a little thinner will fix that up, I have a feeling its because of all the metallic glitter. 

Those are the colors I got... now on to the comparisons!

First, here's what they look like on the swatch wheel.

Did it On 'Em is kind of a mix of Shrek and Fiona. Did it On 'Em is lighter and more yellow toned than Shrek, but they are very, very similar

Fly is much more green toned than Ogre the Top Blue. Fly looks very turquoise in some lights, and in others it looks like a bright blue. Either way, Ogre is much more of a true blue than Fly... that being said I like Fly better!

I hope this post was helpful for those of you on the fence about this collection! I really love them all and I'm glad I got them!

Thanks for reading, until next time!

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  1. Fly reminds me of CG custom kicks, but without the gold shimmer. Did you have staining with Fly? shades like that just soak into my nails, even if i use 2 coats of basecoat...