Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beautifully Disney Unlock the Spell Collection - Swatches + Review

Hey guys!!

Today I have a super exciting post!! This is the second collection of the Disney Parks Beautifully Disney cosmetics line.

The Unlock the Spell collection was released end of June and is inspired by Tiana, Belle and Rapunzel. This collection has one eyeshadow quad, 3 nail polishes, and 3 lip glosses. Check out the pictures below! (Also, I apologize in advance for my wrecked cuticles, their dried out and cracked)

My Haul from the Unlock the Spell Collection

Beautiful Bayou. 2 coats. Medium Green creme. This was an easy and smooth 2 coats to work with. This color is my favorite of the 3. It reminds me a lot of Jade is the New Black by OPI. I will have to do a comparison of the two soon. This is a great swampy green kind of color. Inspired by Tiana.\

Let Your Hair Down. 2 coats. Bright magenta creme. This is a beautiful color. Took 2 easy coats for full opacity. Beautiful bright magenta. I love this color!!! I will probably be wearing this on my toes a lot for the rest of the summer!

Provincial Madmoiselle. 3 Coats. This is a pretty medium yellow. This one took 3 coats. Was a little bit patchy but definitely a really good formula for a yellow. Usually yellows are crap, but this one is pretty fantastic. This is a gorgeous color. It will definitely be a favorite for this summer!

That's it for the nail polishes, now for the swatches of the quad and the lip glosses

The shadows are beautiful and smooth and the 3 glosses are nice and smooth, not sticky in the least and they're really pigmented. My favorite is Spell Breaker. So beautiful!!!

I highly recommend you guys check out this collection if you are in any of the Disney Parks or in the general area. These are available at Vault 28 in Downtown Disney in California and in Tren-D in Downtown Disney in Florida. Some of the Wickedly Beautiful collection items are also available online at the Disney Store Website.

Just like the Wickedly Beautiful Collection, I love everything in this collection!!!!

As far as the brushes, They are super soft and pick up, buff out, and blend products so nicely! I used them to apply my makeup today and I was actually really impressed! I'll have to use them a couple more times to know exactly how I feel about them, but I will do a full review when I do!

I'm also doing a GIVEAWAY in my video on youtube that I will be putting up about this collection, make sure you check out the link below to find out how to enter to win!!! :)

Thanks so much for reading as always!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Deal Alert! Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hey guys!

Just wanted to write a quick post. Today while at work (Marshalls) I found we are currently carrying Batiste Dry Shampoo for $5.99. It's regularly 8.99 at Ulta. I'm buying the brunette kind, but they also has blonde hair, regular and the blush scent. 

Hope this was helpful to you guys!! Until next time!

Friday, June 7, 2013

NOTD: Summer Blues

Hey Guys!!

Just did my nails and thought I would share :)

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue with Absolutely Alice from OPI on the ring finger. I love Pacific Blue it is such a beautiful summer blue color. I always forget how gorgeous it is until I wear it again. Love this combo :) So happy about my mani!

Thanks for Reading!!! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Textured Polish Spam: Swatches + Review.

Hey Guys!

Today's post is all about textured polishes. I know, I know, I have said before how much I hate this trend and all that, but I decided to give the trend another shot and bought a bunch of different brands, colors, and types of textured polishes to see if any of them would grow on me enough to actually wear them. This post today is about all those polishes I hauled and what I think of them all! Lots to get through, so here we go!

First up, Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Collection. I got 4 out of the (I think) 8 colors in this collection.

Natural Light, Direct Sunlight

Natural Light, Shade
Sour Apple. 2 Coats. Mint green.

Natural Light, Shade

Natural Light, Direct Sunlight
Cotton Candies. 2 Coats. Bubblegum Pink

Natural Light, Direct Sunlight

Natural Light, Shade
Razzleberry. 2 Coats. Medium blue. Warning: This color stains like crazy!

Natural Light, Direct Sunlight

Natural Light, Shade
Lick-O-Rich. 2 Coats. Black. TERRIBLE name! Kinda sounds dirty... either that or my mind is in the gutter... which it probably is!

That's it for the Sugar Coat colors I picked up. These colors were really opaque. I used 2 coats on them and waited for it to completely dry to its rough texture. These weren't too hard to work with, and overall I like how they went on. I still really dislike how they feel on my finger tips though. I did experiment with adding some topcoat and after one coat of topcoat, the texture was tolerable and it still had a textured look to it. I might be able to wear them that way!

Next, I picked up some of the China Glaze Texture Collection colors.

Natural Light, Shade

 Natural Light, Direct Sunlight
In the Rough. 2 coats. Chartreuse-y yellowey/green color. I really love the color on this!

Natural Light, Direct Sunlight

Natural Light, Shade
Itty, Bitty & Gritty. 2 Coats. Pinky Coral.

Natural Light, Direct Sunlight

Natural Light, Shade
Of Coarse!. 2 Coats. Mediumish Blue

That's it for the CG Texture collection colors I got. Unline the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat, these were thicker and harder to apply than the Sally Hansen. I'm really liking the Sally Hansen formula over the China Glaze ones, I just found these a pain to apply... especially In the Rough which is really sad because it was my favorite of the colors.

Next, a couple of Julie G Gumdrop Collection polishes.

Natural Light, Direct Sunlight

Natural Light, Shade
 Rock Candy. Dark green gritty glitter and small hex silver glitter.

Natural Light, Direct Sunlight

Natural Light, Shade
Blueberry Fizz. 2 Coats. Light-ish Blue gritty glitter with small silver hex glitter.

Those are the 2 Julie G that I bought. These were okay. They just feel like gritty glitter. These are really gorgeous. I might go and pick up one more. I find that when I slather it with topcoat, I love how they look and feel!

Last polish I picked up in the textured haul is a color from the OPI The Bond Girls Collection.

Natural Light, Direct Sunlight

Natural Light, Shade
Tiffany Case. 2 Coats. Gorgeous turquoise with small turquoise hex glitter. I love this color so much! I hate that its a liquid sand color, but I love this color enough to suck it up and just topcoat and Gelous the heck out of it in order to wear it!

So that's it for my texture polish spam. I hope you guys enjoyed it! While I really dislike the textured trend, they make for some pretty colors that when worked with, I can definitely wear like regular polish!

Thanks for reading!