Saturday, March 2, 2013

Beautifully Disney- Swatches & Review

Hey everyone!

Today I have a post I'm super excited about. This morning I went to Disney Vault 28 at Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim for the launch of Disney Park's new makeup line Beautifully Disney.

In case anyone wasn't aware, I'm a HUGE Disney nerd. Disney is one of my biggest obsessions (besides nail polish and cosmetics) So the fact that Disney itself was putting out a makeup line, well... I HAD to be there!

They let us come in about 10 am to start buying the products and I picked up 2 eyeshadow quads and all 8 nail polishes offered in this premiere collection called "Wickedly Beautiful"

Swatches of everything will be below, but first, I wanted to share some pictures of the event :)

The stuff in the window before we were let in to actually buy it. So pretty!

This was the set up inside. I totally want the mirror with the words across it!

The display of everything in the line.

Polish!!! ( I guess I was too excited because its blurry! oops!)

My Haul

And now on to the swatches!

Off To The Ball. 3 Coats. This is a milky baby blue color. This color is gorgeous and I love how this looks on my skin tone. It did need 3 coats for full even ness though. First 2 coats were a bit streaky. This is inspired by Cinderella.

 Midnight Hour. 2 Coats. Blood red jelly. I really like this color, but its not unique. I don't really have too much to say about it other than it was easy to apply. I don't like how reds look on me, so I don't usually wear them. This is inspired by Lady Tremaine (Cinderella's Stepmother)

Enchanted Kiss. 2 Coats. This is a really gorgeous creamy bubblegum pink. This could have easily been a 1 coat color, but I chose to do to because I can! I usually don't like pinks, but this one is pretty! This is inspired by Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).

Mistress of Evil. 1 coat over Off To The Ball. This is a silver hex glitter in a clear base. Really pretty, and it wasn't that sparse. I did have to dot glitter on a couple of bald spots, but overall I feel like this is a pretty good glitter! The only reason I semi don't like this is because its supposed to be inspired by Maleficent, and I just don't see it! Maleficent is my favorite villain and I wish they would have done something different with it. Its still a pretty glitter and I'll definitely get use out of it!

Looking for my Prince. 1 coat. This is your basic cherry, fire engine red. Like I said above, I don't like reds so this color is kinda eh to me. (It is really easy to work with... 1 coat!!!). This is inspired by Snow White.

Just One Bite. 1 Coat over Enchanted Kiss. Fine and hex magenta glitter in a clear base. This is one of my favorites of this collection. Above is one coat and I didn't have to go back and touch up too many bald spots. Its awesome. It looks gorgeous over Enchanted Kiss and I have a feeling I'm gonna love this come summer time! This is inspired by the Evil Queen.


Ocean Mist. 2 Coats. Glass fleck green with gold. This is my absolute favorite color of the entire collection! It really looks a lot like Zoya Apple (I will definitely have to do a comparison post!) but I don't really care because this color is absolutely beautiful and it was so much easier to apply than its Zoya counterpart. Very happy with this color! This is inspired by Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Diva of the Deep. 2 coats. Deep purple with gold shimmer. This color applied so nicely and its so beautiful. It definitely is reminiscent of Ursula, whom this polish is inspired by. This is one of my favorites from the collection and I'm sure I will get tons of use out of it!!

Overall, these polishes were wonderful to work with. There is no dud among them formula wise. The only thing for me are the reds (I just don't like how reds look on me) and The Mistress of Evil. I feel like that should have been a green or something because of Maleficent's color. Its still a beautiful polish and I know I will get use out of it!

Next, I'll be showing you the quads I bought and some swatches of those :D

Enchanted Kiss Quad. This is the neutral quad offered in this collection. All colors are great. I think I'll probably get a lot of everyday use from this!

Midnight Hour Quad. This is the "smoky" quad. Really pretty colors and pretty well pigmented. This is more of a "going out" look for me. Still love it!

Swatches of both:

Overall I love all the things Disney has to offer in this new cosmetics line. They have said they have many collections releasing and I'm really excited to see what other colors come out in the future!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. i need to get these asap!!! thanks girl :)

  2. Awesome giveaway! Following the blog! And subscribed to you channel (girlylizard). Dang I need to get over to that store next time I'm there! My favorite Princess and Villain combo is Ariel/Ursula!

  3. Awesome.. I subscribed (2010Ci) and I'm a follower (Ci).... My favorite princess is Snow White and the vilain is cruella deville.

  4. Amazing! I am a follower of the blog, facebook, and subscribed! My favorite Princess is Ariel, and my fav villan is Ursula. Yeah, same movie... But I used to sing along to ALLLLLLLL the songs. And, I love red hair. And swimming... And octopi. Heh...

  5. Ahhh I so wish I could enter this (from the UK) but never mind :) I'm heading to Disneyworld this June so I'm gonna hopefully grab everything then, thank you so much for swatches! You have no idea how excited i've been for this launch and everything! :)

    1. From what I understand they are available at Tren-D in Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World :)

  6. I love the colors! I subscribed & my favorite princess is Ariel, favorite villain is Ursula

  7. I follow your blog via GFC. My favorite princess is Belle and my favorite villain is Ursula.

  8. USA only... Oh poop!! I'm from Canada and I reeeeeeealy want to enter!!! What if I offer to pay for the shipping if I win????

    1. If you would like to do that, that works. Just know that its probably gonna be expensive, hence why I can't afford it.

    2. Okay thats fine with me. My comment/entry has been done on the YouTube video.

  9. Hi! I subscribed (MelDawn1) and followed you on here and Facebook. I love that Disney, which is a huge passion of mine, is now getting into another interest of mine! So exciting.

    My favorite Princess is Aurora and my favorite villain would be Chernabog.

    1. Ohhh! That's a good, creepy Villain :D