Monday, March 4, 2013

Jasmine Storylook Palette - Review and Swatches

Today I have swatches of the Jasmine Storylook Palette from Sephora.

I'm a Disney nerd so I had to have this pallete, and I gotta say I love it more than the Cinderella one (as far as the colors). I will have swatches of Cinderella in a few days to continue with Disney week theme.

So, without anymore delay on to the pictures!

My Haul from Sephora :)

The Palette! Its so gorgeous!

The Makeup. BEAUTIFUL colors!

Blue Oasis is a almost matte baby blue with just a tiny, tiny hint of shimmer.
Trust Me is a beautiful metallic magenta
Abu is a taupey metallicy brown
Ali Ababwa (Its there, I promise!) Is a matte skin tone neutral color
Sultana is a neutral metallic with a pink undertone

Friend Like Me is a metallic blue.
Master Gorgeous purple!
Cosmic is my favorite from this palette, its a perfect rose gold metallic.
Cave of Wonders is a pretty yellow... don't know when I will ever use this though!
Sand in the Glass is a pretty shimmery creme color (its a cream color not white like the swatch)

Lapis- Matte turquoise (LOVE!)
Mystical Wonder (I know its spelled wrong... oops!) Is a more blue toned purple than master with some glitter in there
Rajah is a shimmery orange
Arabian Sunset. Coral with gold glitter. Its so pretty and I'm sure I'll use this a lot to brighten up the crease/transition area
Bazaar is a medium brown with a hint of sheen to it

Thrilling Chase. WOAH this bad boy is pigmented. A little bit will go a really long way for blush with this. Its a beautiful dusty rose with gold shimmer/fine glitter
Golden Sands. This is the "bronzer" of the palette. I would never use this as a bronzer. Its way too shimmery. I will probably use this as an eyeshadow, but I don't *think* it will work as a bronzer to me. I will have to try it before I absolutely knock it, but I don't think it will look good.

This is the eye look I got using this palette. I used Sand in the Glass in the tear duct area, Cosmic on the lid, Blue Oasis a little bit in the crease, and Friend Like Me in the Outer V/Crease area. I'm very happy with how this look turned out!!

I absolutely LOVE this palette and the Cinderella palette. I'm so happy I bought this. I will get so much use out of these colors and the blush. The packaging is the cutest ever and its Disney. It basically can do no wrong. Besides it being cute, the colors are so pigmented. The only one that's a little 'meh' is Blue Oasis... it swatched weird, but it works pretty well over a base
I hope you enjoyed this post! I will have a video up soon about this palette and my haul :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Beautiful palette. Can you make a youtube tutorial of how to get your eye look

  2. Sure :) I'll work on it in the next couple of days :)