Thursday, April 3, 2014

Revlon Sun Candy - Swatches + Review

Hi Everyone!!

Today on the blog I have swatches and reviews of 2 of the Revlon Sun Candy nail polishes.  These are the same kind of concept as the Moon Candy, but brighter colors and glitter instead of flakies, at least from what I can tell.

Northern Lights. Direct sunlight. 2 coats of base polish, 2 coats of glitter.  Base color is a cerulean blue kind of a color while the glitter is an opal type of glitter in a translucent blue tinted base.  The base polish applied beautifully on this.  I really love this for sunny days, which is why I guess they're called "Sun Candy."

 Sun Shower. Direct sunlight.  3 coats base polish, 2 coats glitter.  The base polish for this is a minty green, it was streakier than Northern Lights, it took 3 coats to get good coverage on the nail.  The glitter is the same as in Northern Lights, but its in a minty tinted base instead of blue.  Overall I think I like Northern Lights better because of its performance but I like this better because of its base color.  I'm a sucker for mint greens! Too bad its streaky and annoying!

Overall I think these are a cool concept.  I hope the other colors in this series are less streaky than Sun Shower and perform more like Northern Lights.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sally Hansen Satin Glam Swatches + Review


Today on the blog I have swatches of 3 of the Satin Glam polishes from Sally Hansen.  These are really cool.  They're glittery polishes that dry to a satin finish (somewhere between matte and glossy). On to the pictures and review!

Teal Tulle. 2 Coats, Glittery teal.  This is my favorite of the ones I own. Its beautiful and even though it has a satin finish, it catches the sun beautifully! Definitely will be wearing this a lot this spring/summer I think.  I used this a while ago in a "Sully" from Monsters Inc/Monsters University mani with Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Grape Shifter on top and it was my favorite mani I did in a long time.  I forgot to take pictures of it (d'oh!) but next time I do it I will be sure to blog.

 Silk Onyx.  2 Coats, black base shimmery silver throughout.  This is a really cool color, when it dries it kind of reminds me of a pencil, if that makes any sense! The color is beautiful and the finish is beautiful as well, the silver shimmer throughout catches the sun really nicely even if it is a satin finish.

Go Gold.  2 Coats, shimmery light gold.  This is really beautiful too, its much more glittery and in your face on the nails than the other 2 are, I feel like.  Its still a gorgeous color but I feel like I'm wearing a ground up coin on my nails or something, I don't know.  Something about this color I'm just not feeling.  I feel like the other 2 colors I own has shimmer that's a little more subtle, but not this guy.  Even with the satin finish, the brightness is definitely visible.

Overall, the formula on these guys is really good.  Really smooth and easy to put on and wear.  They also look great with a matte topcoat to make them completely matte, and they also look great with a glossy topcoat to make it a more traditional polish.  Wear time is pretty decent on these alone, but if a matte topcoat is put over it it lasts longer and the matte topcoats kind of satin out after a day or two of use.   I think that's about it!

Thanks for reading!