Thursday, April 3, 2014

Revlon Sun Candy - Swatches + Review

Hi Everyone!!

Today on the blog I have swatches and reviews of 2 of the Revlon Sun Candy nail polishes.  These are the same kind of concept as the Moon Candy, but brighter colors and glitter instead of flakies, at least from what I can tell.

Northern Lights. Direct sunlight. 2 coats of base polish, 2 coats of glitter.  Base color is a cerulean blue kind of a color while the glitter is an opal type of glitter in a translucent blue tinted base.  The base polish applied beautifully on this.  I really love this for sunny days, which is why I guess they're called "Sun Candy."

 Sun Shower. Direct sunlight.  3 coats base polish, 2 coats glitter.  The base polish for this is a minty green, it was streakier than Northern Lights, it took 3 coats to get good coverage on the nail.  The glitter is the same as in Northern Lights, but its in a minty tinted base instead of blue.  Overall I think I like Northern Lights better because of its performance but I like this better because of its base color.  I'm a sucker for mint greens! Too bad its streaky and annoying!

Overall I think these are a cool concept.  I hope the other colors in this series are less streaky than Sun Shower and perform more like Northern Lights.

Thanks for reading!

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