Friday, December 30, 2011

January Julep Maven "It Girl" Box

Good evening! Today I recieved my second Julep maven box!! Check out pictures and the video below to see what I got!

Cute packaging!

Leah, Hayden, Megan, Nail Therapy
This is the January "It Girl" box. The colors (and the description on the card) are:

Megan: A playful and sultry Mediterranean aquamarine shimmer
Hayden: Bold and bright neon peach creme
Leah: A vivid and refreshing grass green with a hint of shimmer.

I also decided to upgrade this box with the "complimentary" upgrade and I got the nail therapy after hearing great things about it. I also got a nail polish remover pad which claims to remove color from all 10 fingers with just the one pad, excited to try it out! I'm loving all these colors. I don't have anything exactly like any of these, especially Hayden. I'm hoping Hayden looks good on my skin tone... peaches look weird on me but *crosses fingers*.

I also uploaded a video of me opening this box, if you're like me and like watching these kinds of things!:

I will have swatches of these colors very soon! Can't wait to play with these. I'm loving my box this month!!!

Thanks for reading, until next time!

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