Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Days of Untrieds - Day 5

Heya! Continuing on with the 30 days of untrieds. I've had this color for about a month already. Been meaning to try it but I just got around to it. Simple, neutral-ish color in today's untried post.

China Glaze Ingrid. Brown base with gold shimmer. 2 coats. The shimmer is very apparent in person and I'm glad I got the pictures above to show that shimmer. Its really pretty. I like this color. Its a simple fall neutral with a little something extra! 


  1. Cute color, not what I expected it to look like on the nail.

  2. It wasn't what I expected either! I saw it in the bottle and thought it was a super cute neutral then I saw it outside and saw the shimmer... it made me happy! :)