Friday, November 11, 2011

A few China Glaze Eye Candy 3D Glitters + a comparison!

Good morning! We're expecting a rainy weekend again in so-cal. At least I'll have time to catch up on homework. This morning I have 3 glitters from the new China Glaze Eye Candy 3D Glitter Collection and I also have a comparison of one of the glitters.The red glitter in this collection didn't catch my eye and my nail supply place was out of Marry a Millionaire (which I really want), so I picked up 3 of these. On to the pictures/review:

Blonde Bombshell. 3 Coats. Clear base loaded with micro gold glitter, medium gold glitter and orange micro bar glitter. I've never seen anything like this color before. Its a beautiful true yellow/gold and its unique with the micro bar glitter which isn't so apparent here, but it is apparent on the nail. I really like this!

Lorelai's Tiara. 3 coats. Clear base with small silver glitter with medium sized blue glitter. Pretty! This is truly unique, I've never seen anything remotely like this. I really, really like this!

Material Girl. 3 coats. Slight pink base loaded with micro pink glitter, medium pink glitter and hex holo glitter. I really like this but I find that the base tends to cover the holo effect. Take a look at the pointer and middle finger above, it looks like the holo glitter is pink instead of holo. Either way, I like it!

Some Like It Haute. 3 coats. Clear base with micro black and silver glitter and medium sized holo glitter. I absolutely adore this color. I haven't seen anything like it before and of course as soon as this color comes out, Wet n' Wild comes out with a dupe for it in the Color Icon Ice Baby collection. Comparison below:

China Glaze Some Like it Haute on index and ring
Wet n' Wild Diamond in the Rough on middle and pinky

I really can't tell these colors apart. The Wet n' Wild is just a smidge darker but its really not that apparent. They are pretty much exact dupes for each other.

Overall I really like the Eye Candy collection. The glitters are a little thick but they're glitter packed and apply pretty well. Also, they dry extremely fast between coats. I'm very happy with this collection... now I just need to get my hands on Marry A Millionaire. 

Thanks for reading, until next time!

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