Monday, November 21, 2011

Best Nail Mail EVER! MAAH!

So, I've had a ridiculously long day today. I had to work from 7-11:30 am then I had class from 1:30 - 5 and when I get home I had a package waiting for me and since I already knew what it was, I couldn't wait to break in to it. Behold, my very own bottle of Mad As A Hatter (finally!):

So, if you're suprised that I didn't already have this color, here's a little of the back story: This color was available at Disneyland and every time I went (I have an annual pass and go as often as possible), I always said I would buy it next time because I was broke... well when I finally decided I was going to buy it, I couldn't find it at Disneyland so I tried a bunch of places that carried OPI and everyone was out so alas, a lemming was born... and I kicked myself for not buying it at least the 6 times that I had it in my hand at Disneyland.

I can't wait to play with this bad boy! Thanks to Tera at Nail in Nippon for having a silent auction for this polish! I realize I could have easily bought it on e-bay, but I would rather buy it from a blogger and from a fellow nail junkie! I'm so excited! I've played with this before, a friend of mine owns this color and I've worn it before but now I have my very own bottle!!! ... now all I need is a sunny day in so-cal!!

Thanks for reading my excited ramblings, until next time!

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