Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ulta Neon Minis

Today's post is these Ulta Neons. I got these from Traci over at I also got OPI RENT from her but I haven't really used it or experimented with it too much to post about it yet. I really just wanted it because I'm a major RENT head (theater geek... yeah!) So without further ado... here's the neon minis.

From Top Left to Right: Sunbathing Beauty, Beach Bum, 
Bottom Left to Right: Bananarama, Surfer Girl.
2 coats for all, no top coat. I really love these colors... alot! my only problem is the formula. I actually thinned them some after I swatched them and they seem to be working better but yeah. As you can see, Beach Bum and Bananarama are really streaky. I wanted to keep them all at 2 coats each to show any difference in formula or streaky-ness. They all dry completely matte but they look very gorgeous with topcoat as well. I think I will definitely get adequate use of these for the rest of the summer. They're gorgeous enough for me to be able to put up with the formula issues.

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