Friday, August 5, 2011

Storing the obsession... Organization!

So yesterday I came to the realization that I have way too much nail polish for my own good (209 bottles!) and yet I still can't resist getting more. The last week I've gone through a few different storage solutions until I finally broke down and went to Ikea to buy a Helmer. When my collection started out, I could fit all of my nail polish in one little basket... then it escalated to a drawer filled with perfume boxes stuffed with polish...then it became 2 drawers. Then I made a polish rack out of foam core but when my salon polishes started overflowing that, I realized I needed a new storage option. So, I ended up moving my night stand and filling it with nail polish. This is what that looked like:

If you're wondering this is the Ikea Goliat...see the nail polish overflow on top? And the little plastic drawers I used for my nail wheels and tools...

So, trying to organize my nail polish in this was starting to annoy me because I could never fill the drawers up all the way to the back because the drawers didn't open the full way so I couldn't reach all the way to the back...and I missed this thing as my nightstand so I went and bought a Helmer yesterday.

After about 45 minutes I went from this....

To this! Its actually a lot smaller than it looks in pictures but it stores tons of stuff!! Now on to the drawers!

Drawer 1: China Glaze (my favorite brand) and O.P.I. nail polishes. Also, I used drawer liners so the polishes won't slide around. 

Drawer 2: Other salon brands including Color Club, Orly, Essie, Zoya, and Sephora by O.P.I. Also, My favorite drugstore brands including Sinful Colors, L.A. Colors, Milani and Revlon. I also have a couple of Avon polishes in here.

Drawer 3: Other drugstore nail polishes. Sally Hansen, Maybelline, Wet n' Wild, Pure Ice, NYC. I also have some Art Deco nail art polishes and some nail polish pens from Nicole by OPI (not a fan of those...)

Drawer 4: Basecoats, Topcoats, nail treatments, and my swatch wheels. I also have some misc. empty china glaze boxes...cause I can!

Drawer 5: Tools

Drawer 6: Polish remover and thinner and extra supplies.

Another thing I love about the Helmer is that you can put in a label for each drawer...its really handy!

So anyways, I sincerely hope I don't ever completely fill this with nail polish.... if I do that's a little sad :/. Hope you enjoyed the tour through my obsession!

<3 Nicel

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