Monday, January 2, 2012

Julep - Megan

Happy Rose Parade Day!!! I live in Pasadena, CA and today is the day my city invaded by tons of people to watch the parade and the football game. I live a little ways from the end of the parade route so thankfully my side of town isn't too jam packed with people. I did see a Stealth Bomber fly over my house about an hour ago at the start of the parade, though. That was pretty epic! I think I might go check out the floats tomorrow. They do park them walking distance from my house after the parade and they stay there for a few days for people to come see them so I think I may just walk up and go check them out. There is a giant flower-covered Bumble Bee (from Transformers) on the Paramount Pictures float and I did wanna see that in person! Do any of you watch the parade from other parts of the country? What do you guys think about it? Anyways, enough about the parade... on to the polish!

Today's color is another one that I got in my January Julep Maven Box!

Megan. 3 coats. This color is described as "a playful and sultry Mediterranean aquamarine shimmer" on the card that came with the box, and I agree. Its really pretty, its almost metallic. The formula on this was pretty good. First coat was really sheer, but it built up very nicely and dry time was pretty fast. This is gonna be an awesome summer color! I can't wait, although it feels like summer in so-cal right now! Its supposed to be in the 80s today... and I'm going to take advantage and go to Disneyland after the parade is over! yay!!!

Thanks for reading, until next time!

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