Thursday, January 26, 2012

Broadway Spam Post! *Vid Heavy*

Hello! Today's post I'm really excited about. Its a Broadway spam day! I'm posting the other colors I own from the OPI Broadway collection with a HUGE shout out to Katherine from Haul of Fame for taking the time to track these down for me! THANK YOU!!! After I do the swatches and post their corresponding musicals I'm gonna post video of my favorite musicals of the moment for your guys' enjoyment!

Movin' Out. Pink/Purple/Green multichrome with micro glitter. I really love this though it was really hard for me to capture the duochrome but I LOVE this!! So much!! Way more than I thought I would like this. My only problem with this is its so sheer. This is 4 coats and I can still see my nail line... I'm gonna have to wear this over something next time... either way I still love it and the musical its named after:

"River of Dreams/Keeping the Faith/Only the Good Die Young" from Movin' Out

Man of La Mancha. 3 coat. Orange/copper/yellow multichrome. The formula on this bad boy was way better than Movin' Out, but I don't like the colors as much

"The Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha

For this I decided to do 2 of the lighter colors over black.
Index and Middle have 3 coats of Thorougly Modern Millie 
Ring and Pinky have 3 coats of Mamma Mia.
I really like these but they are a lot like RENT by OPI, their base colors are different but the duochrome is really close. I really like these and I need to find different ways to wear these! I can't wait!! :)

Gimme Gimme from Thoroughly Modern Millie with the uh-mazing Sutton Foster!

Money, Money, Money from the movie version of Mamma Mia because I love Meryl Streep so much!

and now its time to go Broadway crazy... feel free to x out if you're not a showtunes kind of person! These are mostly my current favorites :) My taste in musicals changes a lot... I mostly get really obsessed with what's currently on broadway and such.

Anything Goes from Anything Goes 2011 Revival starring Sutton Foster

Brotherhood of Man from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying starring Daniel Radcliffe

Mamma Who Bore Me/Bitch of Living/Totally Fucked from Spring Awakening starring Lea Michele (before she started to suck on Glee)

96,000 from In the Heights 

21 Guns from American Idiot (yes Green Day made a musical!)

Memphis Lives in Me from Memphis

Pulled from The Addams Family 

I think that's about it for now... I have many, many more favorites but you know... I can't put them all here haha... if you like this kind of stuff feel free to email me and ask me for recommendations! :)

Thanks for reading, until next time!


  1. Its Amazing How Different A Polish Can Look On Somebodys Nails As To In The Bottle... Didnt Think I Liked These Polishes Just Looking At Them, But Now That I See The Actual Colors, I Really Do Like Them!!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you like these! It was my pleasure looking for these for you, enjoy them :) If you layer Man of La Mancha and Movin' Out over black the duochrome really pops. That's my favorite way to wear them, but they are also really nice on their own.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, Katherine! :)