Friday, October 28, 2011

China Glaze Tinsel Town + A Comparison

More delicious glitter from Let it Snow:

China Glaze. Tinsel Town. Sheer blue-toned grey base loaded with blue-toned silver glitter. This is not a color I was expecting in a holiday collection but its beautiful so I definitely don't mind! When I first saw it, It reminded me of Milani Silver Dazzle so I figured I'd compare the two:

You can't even really see much of a difference here....

Milani Silver Dazzle on the pointer and ring fingers
Tinsel Town on the middle and pinky.

They are definitely close but they are also different. I feel like Silver Dazzle is more of a purple-grey toned silver whereas Tinsel Town is more blue-toned. Both gorgeous colors I feel like they're different enough to merit owning both. yep. 

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