Friday, March 9, 2012

EPIC Nail Day! Haul + Swap mail!!!

So today I got paid and I got my money from my tax refunds so I decided I would treat myself to a nail polish haul since I literally haven't bought any nail polish since January, so I went to my nail supply place and went crazy on some of the China Glaze I had been wanting so here's that haul:

China Glaze Prismatics Collection.

A few colors from Hunger Games collection and an Icing Magnetix.
I got the Magnetix yesterday, but I'm including it in today's haul! :)

Than, I got home and hopped online really quick cause I had to send a couple of emails for my mom. While I was on facebook Rachel (from Polished Criminails) IMed me to ask if my swap package arrived yet and I said no :( literally 3 seconds later, there was a knock at the door and it was my mail man with her box. Huzzah!!! It arrived!!! After months of planning and list making, etc... I finally had my swap polishes!!! I was so excited I literally ripped the box open as fast as I could and before my eyes was a wonderland of UK polish <3 Thank you Rachel SO much I love everything.

I couldn't have asked for a better first swap experience. Rachel is a sweetheart in every way :) We've chatted a lot in the last couple of months since we first agreed to swap and I feel like I've truly made a new friend!! <3

I'll stop being all sentimental now haha. Here's what she sent:

 Model's Own Beetlejuice + a few miscellaneous ones.

 Holy Barry M! I had zero before today now I have a whole bunch!

Gosh, Collection 2000 and a cute little nail set :)

She also sent me a birthday card (Its my birthday in a week) and a mini millionaire and a file. :) The millionaire especially made me laugh because of a conversation Rachel and I had over IM once haha Thanks, Raych! I love him!!!

...and here's my massive "to swatch" pile -.-'

I can't wait to play with all this stuff, especially the stuff Rachel sent... I don't own any non-US brand polish so I'm excited!!! 

Thanks for reading, until next time!


  1. The way your package arrived was literally the craziest/strangest experience of my life. HAHA. I r magix :')
    So happy you got them all safely and that you love them!
    I need to get my hands on the Blue & Green Prismatics! I have 3 already, and the hunger games polishes too :')

  2. aaahhh hunger games <3 and i love your nail mail!! so epic! I wish i COULD not buy polish for that long.. lol. But i've never been so successful :(

    1. I had no choice... it was either food/gas or polish... literally.