Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Swatches + Review


Today on the blog I've got swatches of 4 of the Fuzzy Coat polishes I picked up from Sally Hansen.

Now, if you read my blog/watch my channel, you guys know I HATE the textured polish trend. Its awful. I like smooth polish, so I'm not feeling the liquid sand/gumdrop/textured trend. The Fuzzy Coats are technically a "textured nail color" according to the bottle, but I'm okay with it because I can add gelous and a lot of topcoat and they are smooth and still look cool, so I decided to buy it.

Fuzzy Fantasy. White and light green "fuzz" in a clear base. 2 Coats over black. This was my first attempt at playing with these Fuzzy Coats so the swatch sucks, but its interesting.

All Yarned Up. 2 Coats over White. Light pink, blue, and yellow "fuzz" in a clear base. This one is really pretty. I really like it a lot. Its the only one I have that has more than 2 colors of the fuzzy in it.

Tweedy. 2 coats over coral. Black and White "fuzz" in clear base. This one is pretty awesome and when I put it over a neon, it reminds me of the 80s! I like black/white combos, I think it just looks cool!

 Fuzz-Sea. 2 Coats over coral. Turquoise and Yellow "fuzz" in a clear base. This one is hands down my favorite. Love the color combo, its very summer. This one is an exact dupe for Nails Inc Feather Effect in Brighton.

So, these are interesting. I definitely will never wear them alone, or without topcoat because the bumpy-ness of these annoys the crap out of me, but worn with enough topcoat and gelous over it, they are awesome. I gotta say, they look cool, and even when they are on so thick that they cover the color below it, it can easily be smoothed out with topcoat.

Overall, the formula on these was interesting. I feel like they were a little goopy, but that's probably because of the "fuzz"in them. It was hard to layer beyond 2 coats because it got think and it bunched up (See my ring finger in the first picture) but, I think with a little bit of patience, these can work out pretty nicely!

Thanks for reading!

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