Monday, July 8, 2013

My First Spa Ritual Polishes!

Hey Guys!!

Today I have swatches of my first 3 Spa Ritual polishes. I got these at Marshalls for $3.99 each and since I liked all the colors and have been meaning to try out this brand, I decided to go for it! Here we go:

Dreams Becoming Reality. 2 Coats. Deep teal. I love this kind of color. This is one of my favorite color families... the dark turquoise/teal color. This was among one of the nicest I've worked with formula wise. 2 coats for full opacity. Super easy to work with!

Shoot for the Stars. 2 coats. Medium red-toned purple. Super pretty color. I actually don't think I have anything this shade in my collection. Beautiful formula just like Dreams Becoming Reality.

Silver. 2 coats. Not the most exciting name ever, but it does the job of describing it. Great formula for a straight up silver. Not anything super unique or exciting about this color... but I love silvers!

Overall, I'm super happy with my first Spa Ritual experience. If you're a fan of this brand of have been meaning to try it out.. check your local Marshalls or TJ Maxx first... they might have a few of these you can try out for cheap!

Thanks for reading!

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