Friday, July 5, 2013

Color Tattoo Pure Pigments Eyeshadows

Hey Guys!!

Today's post is a new to the drugstore item. I happened to spot these at my Walgreens and I picked up 4 colors. I did haul these in a video and promised swatches. The 4 colors I picked up are Potent Purple, Never Fade Jade, Barely Brazen and Breaking Bronze. Swatches below!

Never Fade Jade is a gorgeous jade color just like the name implies. This reminds me a lot of Edgy Emerald from the cream shadow color tattoo line

Barely Brazen is a light champagney color. This one reminds me a lot of Barely Branded from the creme shadow metal collection

Breaking Bronze is a really gorgeous golden bronze color. I don't think I have a Color Tattoo creme that matches this one

Potent Purple is a beautiful shimmery purple. The color matches Painted Purple from the creme line, but where that one is matte, this one is a shimmer. Beautiful color!

These are all so smooth and easy to blend. They are a little bit messy because they come in a sifted jar like many other loose shadow pigments do, but they are so creamy/buttery feeling and you don't need a lot to get a lot of color pay off. I have a feeling these are going to last me for a really long time! I'm definitely going to pick up more colors!

Thanks for reading!

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