Thursday, January 15, 2015

ELF - Light and Dark blush palettes swatches & review

Hi everyone!

Today's post is another makeup one.  I haven't been able to do my nails in a little while because I've been making bows and filling orders and making bows generally wrecks my nails :( I will be getting some nail polish posts up soon as well!.

Today I have the new ELF (Eyes, Lips, Face) Blush palettes. They came out with 2, Light and Dark.  I picked these up at Old Navy for $8 each. Who knew Old Navy had ELF? Interesting...

Light Palette has the pale pinks and nude peachy type blush.  Its really pretty for that simple "flushed" look... or that just out of the cold look.

Dark palette has more of the darker "fall" type blushes.  My favorite is the bottom left, brick red with gold sparkles. Its so pretty!

Also, possibly my favorite thing about these palettes is that the individual colors pop out and you can mix and match between these 2 palettes, so if you want to darken up one of the "light" colors, you can or its great to take on a trip and have both light and dark blushes.

The formula on these is just like the Studio blushes, those are the $3.  All the blushes are pretty powdery, but they blend beautifully, so its not that big a deal... just know that powder will go everywhere, just like the studio blushes.  I really love the regular blushes, and to have this palette be the same quality made me really happy! You can get this at Old Navy, Target, and ELF's website.

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