Thursday, February 2, 2012

Julep Maven February 2012 It Girl Swatches

Good morning! If you saw my post yesterday about me receiving my julep box, here's the swatches of this month's It Girl box! Make sure to check out that post for a video of me opening my box too!

On to the swatches!

Rachel. 2 coats. Its described as a "warm rich copper shimmer" and that's pretty much what it is. Its really pretty! It applied really well and looks gorgeous in the sun. I was a little afraid of this one on my skin tone but it turned out to be okay!

Elizabeth. 2 coats. Described as "midnight blue with a hint of shimmer". The shimmer is a really like pink and blue from what I can tell. Its really, really subtle. This one also went on without any problems. 2 coats for full opacity. Really like this color, but I hate dark colors like this because they look black in most lights. *sigh*

Oscar. 3 coats. Its described as "ultra chic multi-dimensional gold glitter" I don't think its multi-dimensional... its just gold glitter in a clear base. Nothing too special. The formula was really thick. Thinner might really help this bad boy out, but I really didn't enjoy the application or the way it looked. I'll have to layer it over something to see, but on its own I don't like it.

Thanks for reading, until next time!

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