Friday, January 16, 2015

Beautifully Disney Haunted Mansion Collection- Mini Lipstick Setswatches & review

Hi everyone!

Today's post is more Disney makeup. The one thing I love more than makeup and nail polish is Disney so the Beautifully a Disney line from the Disney Parks is right up my alley. I've reviewed the eye shadows, Polish, and glosses on here before from a few collections, but never the lipsticks. I was never much of a lipstick wearer until recently.  This last Disneyland trip, I decided to pick up a set of lipsticks to try and I ended up deciding on the Haunted Mansion collection lipstick set.  Beautifully Disney doesn't have any full size lipsticks, just the mini sets (at least not yet). Anyways, enough chatter... On to the pictures! 

The front of the packaging. I love it. LOVE. 

The back of the packaging has the name of the colors at the top, here you can also see the price. Not a really awful price, all things considered. 

I decided to show a size comparison to a MAC lipstick, which I feel is s pretty universal size and packaging. 

Look Alive is a gorgeous dark red with hints of brown. I feel like it's kind of that Pantone Marsala color of the year kind of shade, it's totally beautiful. 

Ball and Chain is your classic bright fire engine red. There's not much more I can say about it.

Bride and Doom is a pale pink neutral. It's really pretty, but not particularly flattering on me, so I have to mix it with something else to look good on my skin tone. 

Ghost Host is my favorite color of the bunch. It's a gorgeous pinky lavender color that is super flattering on me. 

The formula on all these is pretty creamy and good. They're not particularly long lasting, like most non-matte lipsticks. They all have a cream finish and feel really comfortable on the lips.  Overall I have to say I really like these and I can't wait to get some more of these lipstick sets on future Disney trips!

Thanks for reading!

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